Kim (Wohltmann) Vawter

Former student

I never worked harder in any college class than I did in [Mr. Campanella's] classes. He was infuriating. He was grouchy, picky, sarcastic, and grumpy.  Later he told me that he thought that I was one of his best students of that time period. I was so thrilled by the compliment.
I think that I got my "color memory" from mixing colors in his classes. I can look at a color, any color and walk into a paint store and match it perfectly every time. Like having "perfect pitch.
I was so impressed when I finally saw his show in St. Joe Missouri [2007] that I could hardly breathe. I had no idea of the depth and variety of his work. I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the exhibit tracking his life through his work. It was a very emotional journey.

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